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Those who are looking to obtain top-tier legal services regarding criminal defense, family law, estate planning and other practice areas can count on the team of attorneys at Olivero Law, P.A. Understanding the legal system and the complex process of building a case is far from easy. When so much is at stake, having a quality lawyer is critical. No matter what kind of case you are facing, such as divorce, felony charge, estate plan preparations, or other type of legal matter, you can count on our team to support you and ensure that you have the legal representation that you need to resolve your case properly.

A Personalized Approach

At Olivero Law, P.A., we believe that clients should never deserve generic legal advice. When you choose to work with our experienced and capable attorneys, you can expect to receive personalized guidance and legal counsel. Every client confronting a serious and urgent legal matter should receive the attention they need. We focus on analyzing every part of your case so that your solutions are tailor-made for your situation.

Years of Legal Experience

Olivero Law, P.A. was established by Shiobhan Olivero who has worked for many years as a public defender and attorney, specializing in trial advocacy. She created the firm to provide clients with more personalized attention, specifically assisting clients with cases such as criminal defense and family law. Her approach is guided by a strong commitment to providing clients the time and attention that they deserve.

With years of legal experience, we have been able to assist many clients over the years. Our firm includes a qualified and highly experienced team of attorneys who have built a strong record of successful case outcomes. We have experience handling many different types of cases including DUI, domestic violence, federal crimes, divorce, child custody, and much more.

Why Hire A Lawyer

When clients have a competent and trusted lawyer there to guide them throughout their case, they are much more likely to get the outcome that they deserve. Navigating complex legal concerns is far from easy. We understand the importance of having access to accessible and affordable legal services, which is why our services are available to a wide range of clients from various economic and social backgrounds. If you have questions or need specific counsel regarding a case, do not wait to contact our firm today.

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Time is limited when you have a legal matter that needs to be resolved immediately, so do not wait to take action. Discover your legal options and find out what steps you should take to make the right decisions that will bring you closer to the best solution. When you are in need of urgent legal help, you can count on our team to be there for you through every part of your case. Call our firm now to connect with an attorney so that you can receive timely legal assistance.

Criminal Defense and Family Law FAQs

A criminal defense lawyer can provide many specific legal services to their clients. Anyone who is accused of a crime has the right to consult a lawyer of their choice. A lawyer can evaluate your case, investigate your charges, gather evidence and speak to witnesses. If you are confused about what your legal rights are, a lawyer can give you a complete, detailed explanation in a way that you can understand. They can review any flaws in your charges that may have been overlooked. This will help them to build you a stronger defense so that you can settle your case with positive case outcomes.

Family law is a practice area that covers many types of legal matters concerning family relationships and the diverse dynamics that involve them. It includes cases such as child custody, divorce, spousal support, coparenting, and other matters. A family law case can not just be legally complex, but it is often emotionally charged because of the personal relationships at stake. If you have a family law matter, you can depend on a lawyer to guide you through the emotional highs and lows. They know how to find the appropriate solutions that will not only be fair for you, but will be in the best interests of your family.

Having a lawyer who has extensive experience working on criminal defense and family law can provide clients with many advantages. For clients who do not know where to begin with the steps of their legal cases, meeting with a lawyer such as one from Olivero Law, P.A. for a consultation can be a great place to start. Having a lawyer who understands the specific issues concerning criminal defense and family law can help you better understand the context of your case and help you reach the right decisions for you. Lawyers who have experience in the relevant practice area will already be familiar with the most effective strategies that can be applied to your case.

While anyone has the right to represent themselves if they are charged with a crime, there are important risks that should be noted. While it is the cheaper option, it comes with disadvantages. When you choose to defend yourself against a charge, you bear the full responsibility of preparing your own defense. If you make any mistakes, such as missing a court appearance or failing to meet specific deadlines, you will not receive any support. You are expected to navigate the legal process on your own. If you are unfamiliar with any aspect of your case or the laws that apply, then you will have to face the consequences of that.

Working on family law cases on your own can present a number of challenges. In addition to the complex legal elements, there is also the stress involved. Clients face pressure to resolve their case as peacefully as possible, with a solution that also serves their family’s best interests. Navigating that balance is something that a family lawyer specializes in. They understand how to weigh the various legal options so that it benefits the family as a whole. If you have any questions about what type of legal services a family lawyer can provide for you, set up a consultation now.

Olivero Law

Criminal Defense


Olivero Law, PA has the experience you need to fight and defend against a variety of criminal charges such as: DUI, Drug Crimes, Traffic Offenses, and more.


Family Law


Facing a divorce, child custody dispute, injunction, domestic violence or other family-related issue can be emotional and stressful. Olivero Law, P.A. recognizes the stress associated with any family-related issue & the personal ways it can & will affect you.

That’s why Olivero Law, P.A. is committed to providing each client the high-quality assistance and representation they deserve when dealing with these matters.


Proven Trial Lawyer


When facing serious legal matters in your life, you want an attorney proven to fight for your rights who is not afraid to take your case to trial. Olivero Law, P.A. has taken many cases to trial, with great success, & is ready to fight for you.

Criminal Defense FAQs

When you meet with a lawyer for a legal consultation, there are key topics that you can expect to go over with them. A lawyer will share their background and qualifications with you so that you can have an idea of what results they have been able to accomplish. You will then discuss the facts and details of your case, and be able to explain the circumstances of your legal matter so that you can then explore solutions. During a consultation, share any questions that you have about your case and how the laws will be applied to your case.

Many people who are charged with a criminal offense want to know if an experienced lawyer can have their charges reduced or dropped. For example, if you have been accused of assault and battery, a lawyer will look at the circumstances of your case. They will consider factors such as if you have been previously charged before, or were acting in self-defense because you were provoked by the victim. If you are charged with a crime, do not assume that nothing can be done. Talk to a lawyer to see if there are ways that your charge can be reduced or dropped while there is still time to prepare a defense.

When you choose a competent criminal defense lawyer to take on your case, they will consider a variety of ways to build your case so that you can avoid suffering the worst consequences. There are several strategies that a lawyer can employ to prepare you for criminal defense. They will see if the charges have any weaknesses that do not support the weight of the charges. They can also speak to any witnesses, review video footage, and evaluate documents to build your case. An effective lawyer will also look at the laws to see how they can be interpreted and applied to your specific case.

The evidence that will be reviewed in a criminal defense case varies depending on what type of charge or charges that you are facing. If you are facing a driving under the influence (DUI) charge for example, you will want to have physical evidence, a copy of the police report, photographs, and video footage. A lawyer will evaluate the actions that the police officer took during the DUI stop and how they conducted the sobriety test. A lawyer will make sure that your case consists of a large body of compelling and persuasive evidence. The more evidence that you are able to provide to your lawyer, the better because they can choose from various kinds of evidence.

Facing a criminal defense charge is an intimidating situation to be in, and everything that you do while your case is in progress can influence what outcome you will have. Be wary about what you do, especially regarding what information you relay to others, even close family and friends. How you conduct yourself online is important, to avoid posting anything about your case publicly on social media platforms. If you feel nervous about certain evidence which can portray you in a negative way, do not destroy or attempt to hide the evidence, and instead speak to your lawyer about your concerns.

Family Law FAQs

A case that concerns family law can be quite costly, and it can be difficult to keep expenses low. Expenses can consist of attorney fees, filing fees, court fees, and retainer fees. The amount can vary widely depending on factors such as the lawyer’s experience and where their practice is located. A family lawyer can help you reduce your full expenses by ensuring that you are given regular updates about your case, informing you of items that you need, keeping your documents organized, and working on resolving your case as efficiently as possible so that it does not drag on longer than it needs to.

Family law is a practice area that concerns a variety of disputes involving family relationships. There are many reasons why a dispute can happen, and a family lawyer is familiar with looking for solutions that can work for every party involved. 

From child custody battles to spousal support disagreements, a family lawyer has handled many different cases involving various complicated family matters. Whether you are going through a difficult experience such as a divorce or want guidance on a more minor topic such as developing a co-parenting agreement, a family lawyer can assist you. You can depend on a family lawyer to help you find the most appropriate solution to your issues.

A lawyer will be able to provide many types of legal services. From the initial case evaluation to preparing your case, you can have a lawyer do many basic and complex legal tasks for you that you may not have much knowledge about. A family lawyer has much experience handling many types of family lawyer matters, and there is a strong chance that they have already helped another client with an issue that you are facing. If you need help with even basic tasks like organizing and preparing legal documents to understand your legal rights as a parent or spouse, a lawyer can give you the information that you are seeking.

Child custody cases are one of the most common and challenging types of scenarios that family lawyers often help clients with. If you are dealing with a child custody issue, a lawyer can help you preserve or obtain custodial rights of your child. With a lawyer to guide you, your chances of being awarded custody are much higher. They will advise you on what kind of evidence you can show the court, such as pay stubs, text messages, documented visits, and other types of evidence. The more ways that parents can demonstrate the financial and emotional support that they have provided for their child, the stronger their case will be.

Hiring a family lawyer is not necessary, but it can be tremendously beneficial. With a lawyer who specializes in family law cases to guide you, you can ensure that you will have the information that you need to reach the solution that you are striving for. If you are suddenly facing a legal matter related to family law, such as child custody, divorce, alimony, or other type of case, meet with a lawyer right away. Hire a lawyer like one from Olivero Law, P.A. if you have a complex family law matter, so that they can begin assisting you with your case.

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