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Attorney Siobhan Olivero has been providing clients with exceptional legal services for years. With extensive legal experience as a public defender advocating for individuals dealing with family law and criminal defense, she understands the necessary and effective strategies that lead to positive case outcomes. She focuses on providing a highly personalized method of delivering legal counsel for clients.

During her time attending law school at Stetson University, she served as a coach for the mock trial shadow team, guiding them through numerous competitions. As an accomplished legal professional, she has won numerous awards throughout her legal career such as the Victor Wehle Award for Excellence in Trial Advocacy, as well as the William Blews Pro Bono Service Award. Olivero was also notably recognized by American Universities and Colleges by being featured in their list of Who’s Who Among Students.

Personalized Legal Counsel

Having access to dependable and trusted legal representation can greatly influence the case results. With a more experienced lawyer who has the skill set and knowledge to successfully guide you through your case, you are more likely to obtain the specific outcome you are trying to achieve. There is a lower chance of being hindered by common issues such as paperwork errors and forgetting to miss crucial steps during the case process, such as appearing for court appointments.

Our team is dedicated to prioritizing the needs of every client that we assist. We take the time to find out what exactly each client needs and the possible legal strategies that will be most effective. Being transparent with clients is important to us, so we will not hesitate to share the necessary information with clients to help them understand what they are

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Everyone deserves to have access to quality and cost-effective legal services during their time of need. When you reach out to our team of legal professionals, you will be able to get the help that you need to navigate your case successfully. Do not wait any longer to contact a qualified lawyer if you urgently need legal assistance. If you would like to find out more about what services are available, contact a lawyer at Olivero Law, P.A. now for immediate legal help.

Practice Areas

Some of the specialties that Olivero Law P.A. specializes in family law and criminal defense. Our team has years of experience providing legal information for clients who have questions and concerns regarding matters related to these practice areas. We often resolve common legal issues and disputes such as:

  • Divorce
  • Child custody
  • Spousal support
  • Criminal defense
  • Wrongful conviction 
  • Driving Under the Influence charges
  • Fraud charges
  • Federal crimes
  • And much more



We’re Hiring

Attorney Shiobhan Olivero

Managing Partner/Owner

Shiobhan Olivero was born in Plant City, Florida, and as a native Floridian, has lived in the Tampa Bay area her entire life. She enjoys spending time with her son and family. She is an active scuba diver, and enjoys traveling to local and distant sites to dive.

Shiobhan earned as Associates Degree in Paralegal Studies from Hillsborough Community College. She worked for approximately ten years as a paralegal for criminal attorneys in the Tampa Bay area prior to, and during law school. Shiobhan earned her undergraduate degree from St. Leo University.

She received her B.A. degree in Criminal Justice, and graduated magna cum laude. She was also a member of the Pre-Law Association.

Shiobhan then went on to attend law school at Stetson University College of Law, where she graduated in the top 4% of her class and earned a Certificate of Concentration in Trial Advocacy. While at Stetson, Shiobhan served as a coach to members of the mock trial shadow team, and competed in several mock trial competitions.

She was also a recipient of the Victor Wehle Award for Excellence in Trial Advocacy and the William Blews Pro Bono Service Award. She received a certificate in Leadership Development and received recognition in the Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges.

During law school, Shiobhan interned with the Pinellas County State Attorney’s Office. During this internship, she had several trials, including 4 non-jury trials. Knowing her goal was to become a defense attorney after law school, this experience gave her a unique perspective into the workings of the State Attorney’s Office and how cases are prosecuted. She also completed a Federal Judicial Internship in the federal court of the Middle District of Florida, interning for a Federal Judge.

After being admitted to the Florida Bar in 2010, she worked for a civil defense firm in Tampa.She then served from 2011-2014 as an Assistant Public Defender for the Sixth Judicial Circuit in both Pinellas and Pasco counties. In her time there, she handled a wide variety of cases ranging from second degree misdemeanors and DUI’s to capital felonies and tried over 30 jury trials. While at the Public Defender’s Office, she had the opportunity to represent thousands of clients. She also had the opportunity to attend clinics with other Public Defenders around the State designed to enhance trial and advocacy skills for attorneys. This helped her develop the skills necessary to successfully defend and try cases for her clients.

After serving with the Public Defender’s Office, Shiobhan was offered a position with a criminal defense firm in the Tampa Bay area. During her time there, she successfully defended clients in criminal cases, including obtaining Not Guilty verdicts in trials for an aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and a DUI, both in Hernando County, Florida.

Due to her commitment, knowledge, passion, and zealous advocacy, she has successfully defended clients in jury and non-jury trials and has also negotiated many favorable dispositions for her clients.

Shiobhan decided to open her own firm and created Olivero Law, P.A. where she could focus her firm on her clients, giving each client her personal attention. She dedicates her career to helping clients accused of criminal offenses, as well as those with a need for representation in family law cases.She is passionate about the law, her cases, and clients, and promises personal attention to your case and individual needs.


  • Florida Supreme Court
  • United States District Court, Middle District of Florida
  • Hernando County Bar Association
  • Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
  • East Pasco Bar Association (Vice President, 2015-2017)

Chris serves entrepreneurs and small business owners with creativity, poise, confidence and experience. With a focus on the solution, Chris has been successful in counseling clients in and through contentious litigation as well as high-stakes negotiations. Whether your small business is looking to protect its intellectual property, negotiate a key transaction, defend your rights in court, arbitration, or mediation, Chris is the lawyer you want for your business.

Danielle Wingo is a native of Dayton, Ohio, but has been calling Tampa, FL, her home for as long as she can remember. She spent the last 20 years leading in varied management capacities in customer service, business development, sales, administration, networking, and operation support.

Before stepping up to serve the people as a Family Law and Criminal Paralegal, Danielle led multiple businesses to success. She spent 14 years spearheading an Automotive Business as the Vice President/Co-Owner and something many people don’t know is that Danielle is an acclaimed Professional Makeup Artist who owns and operates Beauty Affair Experience.

Having experienced multiple facades of the business world, Danielle knows what she loves the most; building relationships and helping others. She pursues a career in family law, a subject where she can truly sympathize with her clients due to her own personal story. Danielle values what the trust and respect earned from her clients and coworkers represent and wants to lovingly and diligently make a difference in as many lives as she can.

Adept at communication, proficient in time management, and passionate about service, Danielle aims to use her talents and skills to excel as a paralegal. She is an out-of-the-box thinker who never shies away from challenging the status quo to represent what’s right and do what’s required.

Among many hats, Danielle is most importantly a mother to seven children, a bonus mom to two, a nana of two, and has two adorable fur babies. She is an animal lover, a true Disney addict, and a philanthropist. She loves spending quality time with her family and friends, traveling the world, watching sunsets (Especially at the beach), coffee, country music, gangster rap, and last but certainly not least the Dallas Cowboy Football and Tampa Bay Lightning Hockey Teams.


Olivero Law has presently continued to succeed and grow while still maintaining the atmosphere of a small family business. This is anything but your run of the mill law firm and we continue to fundamentally change the way people feel about lawyers one client at a time with our caring, urgent, and compassionate approach.

We are not your typical small law firm. Our entrepreneurial law firm is poised for aggressive growth, and we’re looking for an attorney who can hit the ground running to give our clients outstanding representation.

The person we are looking for has an entrepreneurial mindset and the courage, tenacity, humility, and patience to fight for justice until the battle is won. They are smart, both intellectually and emotionally, empathetic, caring, fun, funny, quick witted, hard-working, organized, creative, energetic, charismatic, confident, persuasive, thought provoking, courageous, loyal, and integrity filled.

The person I am looking for is: smart, both intellectually and emotionally, empathetic, caring, fun, funny, quick witted, hard-working, organized, creative, energetic, charismatic, confident, persuasive, thought provoking, courageous, loyal, and integrity filled. Skills and experience are appreciated and valued, and certainly considered, but your personality, character, intelligence, and integrity are also extremely important considerations.

This individual must be open to training, learning, growth and development. The pace will be rapid, changing, and dynamic. You will be expected to keep up, and in fact, push the pace. You will also be appreciated, inspired, and treated with kindness and generosity provided you give the same.

You will possess a quick wit, sense of humor, esteemed character, confidence, excellence in the absence of ego, and a drive for justice in a world of frequent injustices. At Olivero Law, we have a passion for greatness. We don’t wait for opportunity to knock. We build the door.

If you are an attorney who is eager to take on the world and to be challenged, we will train you in a dynamic way of thinking and welcome you into a culture that is truly unique, incredible, unmatched, and unsurpassed. We are a true team but also a second family that believes there is never an end to growth, both professionally and personally. Therefore, you must possess a growth mindset and believe in personal and professional development.

We are looking for a team player willing to take ownership of a client’s case, including direct contact with clients and opposing counsel, drafting pleadings, conducting discovery, and handling mediations and conferences, pretrial hearings, and trials. You need to have strong skills in the following areas: written and oral communication, negotiation, and courtroom presentation. We handle family law and criminal defense matters. Experience in family law preferred; experience in both is a bonus. We are not limited to those areas, so if you are passionate about another area of law, you can also have the ability to start the department handling that area of law and run and manage that department.

The pace will be rapid, changing, and dynamic. You will be expected to keep up, and in fact, push the pace. You will also be appreciated, inspired, and treated with kindness and generosity provided you give the same. If anything I’m writing here sounds over the top, overwhelming or anything less than exciting, adventurous, and absolutely intriguing and compelling, please do not respond. Do not mistake us for a run of the mill law firm. I am an entrepreneur, certified life coach, and leader of people long before I exemplify any attorney-like qualities. I am looking for someone that exhibits the same characteristics. I have a vision for the firm, a large vision, for growth – quickly and aggressively. I want someone that sees and understands the vision we have, and wants to be a part of helping to aggressively grow and expand the Firm. It requires hard work and a lot of it. It requires the desire for growth. It requires an entrepreneurial mindset. It requires commitment. It requires determination. But it also comes with many rewards and with freedoms you won’t get in any other normal law firm.

If you exemplify the Spartan warrior like work ethic, loyalty, trust, inspiring character, unfaltering drive for success, and hunger to learn what it takes to be a part of a team who makes history, please apply per the instructions below.

If this exciting opportunity appeals to you, we look forward to reviewing your resume. Please follow these instructions. APPLICATIONS THAT DO NOT FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED. The ability to read thoroughly and follow instructions is a must-possess trait for the right Team Member for our Firm. Prepare a cover letter with no more than two paragraphs and a single closing sentence. In the first paragraph explain what you believe are the 3 most important qualities that must be possessed by an attorney working with people experiencing divorce. In the second paragraph tell me why you applied to this particular ad. As a closing sentence please write, “I have read the instructions contained in the job posting and have followed the instructions.” Do not send your resume through Facebook, LinkedIn, or Indeed. Email your resume and cover letter in PDF format to solivero@oliverolaw.com.

The subject line of the email should be your last name (all caps), followed by a hyphen and the word “associate,” followed by one word that you would use to describe yourself (lower case).


Must be admitted in Florida.

  • Three to five years of experience preferred
  • Pay is commensurate with past and present potential to produce results and business
  • Trial experience highly preferred but not required

Job Type: Full-time

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