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Attorney Siobhan Olivero has been providing clients with exceptional legal services for years. With extensive legal experience as a public defender advocating for individuals dealing with family law and criminal defense, she understands the necessary and effective strategies that lead to positive case outcomes. She focuses on providing a highly personalized method of delivering legal counsel for clients.

During her time attending law school at Stetson University, she served as a coach for the mock trial shadow team, guiding them through numerous competitions. As an accomplished legal professional, she has won numerous awards throughout her legal career such as the Victor Wehle Award for Excellence in Trial Advocacy, as well as the William Blews Pro Bono Service Award. Olivero was also notably recognized by American Universities and Colleges by being featured in their list of Who’s Who Among Students.

Personalized Legal Counsel

Having access to dependable and trusted legal representation can greatly influence the case results. With a more experienced lawyer who has the skill set and knowledge to successfully guide you through your case, you are more likely to obtain the specific outcome you are trying to achieve. There is a lower chance of being hindered by common issues such as paperwork errors and forgetting to miss crucial steps during the case process, such as appearing for court appointments.

Our team is dedicated to prioritizing the needs of every client that we assist. We take the time to find out what exactly each client needs and the possible legal strategies that will be most effective. Being transparent with clients is important to us, so we will not hesitate to share the necessary information with clients to help them understand what they are

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If you are a client who is facing an urgent legal matter, you may want to find out what your legal options are with the help of the experienced and reliable legal team at Olivero Law, P.A. Meet with one of our attorneys to discover what your full options are and what kind of services you can receive. We are committed to finding the best solution that is appropriate for your scenario.

Everyone deserves to have access to quality and cost-effective legal services during their time of need. When you reach out to our team of legal professionals, you will be able to get the help that you need to navigate your case successfully. Do not wait any longer to contact a qualified lawyer if you urgently need legal assistance. If you would like to find out more about what services are available, contact a lawyer at Olivero Law, P.A. now for immediate legal help.

Practice Areas

Some of the specialties that Olivero Law P.A. specializes in family law and criminal defense. Our team has years of experience providing legal information for clients who have questions and concerns regarding matters related to these practice areas. We often resolve common legal issues and disputes such as:

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