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Sexual Assault Lawyer Brandon, FLIf you or a loved one are in need of legal representation regarding a sexual assault issue, it would be advantageous to contact our qualified Brandon, FL sexual assault lawyer. Our clients trust Olivero Law, P.A. with their cases.

Sexual assault charges are severe and could have long-lasting consequences and implications for the victim and the guilty party. 

What constitutes sexual assault?

Sexual assault can be defined as any forcible, intentional sexual act done to another individual without their consent. Sexual assault is predatory, as the victim does not give their consent. The lack of consent is what makes sexual assault such a severe charge. 

What are the consequences for those convicted of sexual assault crimes?

Due to the severe nature of these crimes, those found guilty often are sentenced to prison time. Hefty fines are usually given as a result of sexual assault crimes. Not only is the guilty party sentenced, and forced to pay fines but they are also required to register as a sex offender. Being registered as a sex offender has long-lasting implications for an individual, as that record remains with them even after their time is served in prison. 

What are some ways in which sexual assault occurs?

  • If an individual engages in sexual activity with a person who is unconscious or mentally incapable of understanding that is considered sexual assault.
  • If the perpetrator uses drugs to cause their victim to become mentally incapacitated in order to commit sexual acts with them
  • The use of power as means of coercion into sexual activity
  • Violence or threats of any kind to gain sexual consent
  • Sexual activity with a minor, even if they give consent can be considered sexual assault as well

If the victim was injured or died due to sexual assault, the guilty party would face aggravated sexual assault charges, and therefore sentenced more harshly. 

Why is sexual assault difficult to prove and prosecute sometimes? Sexual assault can be difficult to prosecute because there are typically no eyewitnesses at the time of the attack. Physical evidence of the victim can help, but often victims do not seek medical evaluations until it is too late, and proof of sexual assault is lost. For these reasons, sexual assault can be complicated to prove, and emotional for everyone involved.

Having an experienced sexual assault lawyer is critical to the success of your case. The attorneys at Olivero Law, P.A. work hard to represent their clients and strive to fight for their rights and just treatment. Sexual assault charges can be carried throughout an entire lifetime, even if the individual is proven innocent of the charges. Having legal representation whom you can trust is important. Sexual assault lawyers are there to support and defend their clients. They do not judge their clients but offer counsel, support, and confidentiality throughout the entire legal process. Don’t go through the serious implications of a sexual assault charge alone, but hire a sexual assault lawyer Brandon residents can trust. Contact Olivero Law, P.A. today and schedule a risk-free consultation. 

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