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The Valrico FL law firm of Olivero Law, P.A. is a reputable law firm dedicated to providing comprehensive legal services in both family law and criminal defense. With a team of highly skilled attorneys that have backgrounds as public defenders, the firm specializes in handling complex cases with a client-focused approach, ensuring personalized attention and effective advocacy for each client.

The firm’s child custody lawyer is adept at navigating the emotionally charged and often complicated landscape of custody disputes. They work diligently to protect the best interests of the child while advocating for the parental rights of their clients.

In the realm of criminal defense, Olivero Law, P.A. stands out for its robust representation in serious cases being awarded the Victor Wehle Award for Excellence in Trial Advocacy for issues such as murder defense. The firm’s murder defense lawyer brings extensive experience and a deep understanding of the legal system to every case.

For those facing DUI charges, Olivero Law, P.A. offers skilled legal representation designed to mitigate the consequences of such charges. The firm’s DUI lawyer works to challenge evidence, question procedural errors, and negotiate with prosecutors to seek reduced penalties or dismissal of charges.

At Olivero Law, P.A., the team is committed to excellence in all areas of their practice. Their comprehensive approach combines legal expertise with a deep understanding of their clients’ personal circumstances. This includes how their clients are feeling overall. Legal cases are very stressful, and the firm is happy to offer a list of fun local spots for clients to visit to de-stress. Check out some favorites below, and then contact a family lawyer or criminal lawyer at the Valrico FL law firm of Olivero Law, P.A. for help.

Valrico Park Valrico FL

Playground set at Valrico Park Valrico FLLocated fifteen minutes away from the Valrico FL law firm of Olivero Law, P.A., Valrico Park, situated in the heart of Valrico, FL, is a well-loved community space that offers a perfect blend of recreational amenities and serene natural beauty. This charming park is an ideal destination for families, sports enthusiasts, and individuals looking to enjoy the outdoors and unwind from a case with a murder defense lawyer.

One of the key features of Valrico Park is its well-maintained picnic areas. Equipped with numerous picnic tables, the park provides ample seating for family gatherings, friendly get-togethers, or solo relaxation. The shaded picnic spots are ideal for enjoying meals amidst the tranquility of the park’s lush greenery. Whether you’re planning a casual lunch, a birthday party, or a small getaway from a case with a murder defense lawyer, the picnic facilities at Valrico Park cater to all needs, ensuring a pleasant outdoor dining experience.

For children and families, the park boasts a delightful playground area with swings and various play structures. The playground is designed to keep kids engaged and active, offering them a safe and fun environment to climb, slide, and swing. The playground swings are a favorite among children, providing endless fun and opportunities for physical activity. Parents can relax on nearby benches, keeping a watchful eye on their children while enjoying the peaceful surroundings. Experience the charm and community spirit of this delightful park, and then contact a family lawyer or criminal lawyer at the Valrico FL law firm of Olivero Law, P.A. for help.

Bullfrog Creek Brewing Valrico FL

Beverage on the counter of Bullfrog Creek Brewing Valrico FLLocated about twenty minutes away from the Valrico FL law firm of Olivero Law, P.A., Bullfrog Creek Brewing Co, a veteran-owned brewery in Valrico, FL, has been a local favorite since its inception in October 2017 and opening to the public in March 2018. The brewery is dedicated to crafting high-quality, innovative beers for beer enthusiasts in the community and the broader Tampa Bay area who are looking for a break from a case with a child custody lawyer.

At Bullfrog Creek Brewing Co, the art of brewing is taken seriously. The team’s passion for beer is evident in their meticulous selection of the finest ingredients and their commitment to creating unique and delicious brews. This dedication ensures that every beer produced is of the highest quality, satisfying even the most discerning craft beer aficionados.  The brewery’s taproom is a welcoming haven for both seasoned craft beer drinkers and newcomers alike. With a rotating selection of beers on tap, patrons are treated to a variety of flavors and styles, from hoppy IPAs to smooth stouts and refreshing lagers. The comfortable and relaxed setting of the taproom makes it an ideal spot to unwind, enjoy a cold beer, and savor some food with friends away from your stressful case with a child custody lawyer. The inclusive atmosphere ensures that everyone feels at home, making Bullfrog Creek Brewing Co a beloved gathering place in Valrico.

Plan a visit to their taproom to experience their exceptional beers and the warm, welcoming environment that makes this brewery a standout location before contacting a family lawyer or criminal lawyer at the Valrico FL law firm of Olivero Law, P.A. for help.

Buckhorn Springs Golf & Country Club Valrico FL

Front view of country club at the Buckhorn Springs Golf & Country Club Valrico FLLocated fifteen minutes away from the Valrico FL law firm of Olivero Law, P.A., Buckhorn Springs Golf & Country Club, established in 1965 and opened for play in 1968, holds the distinction of being the oldest private golf and country club in the Brandon/Valrico area. Nestled amid scenic views and natural springs, the club also boasts the highest elevation in Hillsborough County, making it a picturesque and unique golfing destination for those looking to get away from a case with a DUI lawyer.

This private country club is renowned for its challenging and tricky greens, which keep members engaged and excited each time they play. The distinctive layout of the 18-hole course ensures that players never grow bored, whether participating in a weekly tournament or enjoying a quick afternoon nine for a break from a case with a DUI lawyer. The club’s excellent reputation is built on its ability to provide a consistently rewarding and demanding golfing experience, making it a favored spot for both seasoned golfers and newcomers alike.

Beyond its exceptional golf course, Buckhorn Springs Golf & Country Club is celebrated for its welcoming atmosphere and vibrant social scene. Members enjoy a variety of engaging social events that foster a strong sense of community and camaraderie. The club’s inviting environment makes it an ideal place to relax and connect with fellow golf enthusiasts and friends. For those seeking a distinguished and engaging golfing experience, Buckhorn Springs Golf & Country Club offers an unparalleled blend of tradition, challenge, and community. Join the club to experience the best of what Valrico’s golfing scene has to offer, and then contact a family lawyer or criminal lawyer at the Valrico FL law firm of Olivero Law, P.A. for help.

When you need a break from the stress of a legal case, Valrico, FL, offers several excellent destinations to help you unwind. Buckhorn Springs Golf & Country Club provides a serene golfing experience with its scenic views, challenging greens, and welcoming community, perfect for a relaxing round of golf. Bullfrog Creek Brewing Co, a veteran-owned brewery, offers a comfortable and inclusive taproom where you can enjoy high-quality, innovative beers in a laid-back atmosphere. Valrico Park, with its inviting picnic areas, playground swings, and basketball court, is ideal for family outings and leisurely activities. These locations collectively offer a variety of ways to relax and recharge, making them perfect escapes from legal stress. When you are ready to return, contact a family lawyer or criminal lawyer at the Valrico FL law firm of Olivero Law, P.A. for help.


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