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Contested Divorce Lawyer Brandon, FL - gavel and wedding bands on wood tableNeeding legal representation for an upcoming contested divorce? Contact us to speak with our skilled Brandon, FL contested divorce lawyer. Area residents trust that their divorce cases are in good hands with the skilled Olivero Law, P.A. family law team.

Contesting a divorce may seem like a complicated and messy situation. For many people, divorce brings out the worst in them as it can be an extremely emotionally charged situation. Dividing assets, negotiating, settling, and battling child custody are all difficult topics, and can lead clients to say and do things they normally wouldn’t. Thankfully, clients do not have to navigate a contested divorce process alone but can rely on the support and counsel of an experienced contested divorce lawyer. 

What options do clients have regarding a contested divorce?

When a divorce is contested it means that the spouses cannot come to an agreement regarding an issue of child custody, asset division, child support, or something else pertaining to the divorce. In the instance of a contested divorce, each spouse will need the legal representation of a contested divorce lawyer. A temporary order hearing occurs when a divorce is contested. Evidence is presented, witnesses testify, and a judge will give their ruling on child support, child custody, and property division for an intermittent time until a final decision can be made in court. Temporary orders allow for some level of consistency for children, bills, and regular life in the midst of a divorce. Negotiating, mediating, and a trial await the court’s final decision regarding a contested divorce. Temporary orders allow for contested divorce lawyers to think through their arguments, and come up with a game plan with their client. 

What should clients look for in a divorce lawyer?

Clients should seek an attorney who has experience in their specific field of law. For example, clients in need of legal assistance concerning a contested divorce should find a divorce lawyer with experience and success with contested divorces. Experience is important, but there is more to selecting a divorce lawyer. Clients should value an attorney who is ethical and works within the law as well. Attorneys need to fight for their client’s rights and look out for their best interests. Clients going through a contested divorce are often emotionally exhausted and can benefit from the support of their lawyer. Clients should feel comfortable sharing private information, pertinent to their divorce case. Lawyers who disclose private information shared in confidential meetings should be fired. Brandon residents can trust the contested divorce lawyers at Olivero Law to be experienced, ethical, supportive, and confidential. 

How can a contested divorce lawyer help their clients?

A contested divorce lawyer can be of great help to their clients. Negotiating with the other attorney involved in the contested divorce is one way in which they assist their clients. Investigating, strengthening their client’s case, and filing necessary paperwork is crucial. Divorce lawyers must work within the parameters of the law in order to remain ethical and validated. 

If you are in need of legal counsel regarding a contested divorce contact Olivero Law, P.A. today, and consult with a Brandon contested divorce lawyer. 

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