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Spousal support is one of the most contested parts of a divorce settlement, and for good reason. Many marriages have an earning imbalance between the couple, and the imbalance widens when one spouse is a stay-at-home spouse or parent. Determining whether one spouse is entitled to alimony, either for a short period of time (durational, usually capped at 5 years) or longer, if the marriage was longer, can be complex. Whether you’re the paying spouse or the recipient, having a Brandon, FL, alimony lawyer on your side is critical to protecting your rights.

The legal team at Olivero Law, P.A., is on your side, whether you’re the paying spouse or the recipient. We’re ready to fight for your interests; as fierce negotiators, we strive to achieve an outcome to help you face your new future securely and with the financial means you need for a fresh start.

Why Do I Need A Brandon Alimony Lawyer?

We follow changes to Florida alimony statutes closely to better understand the impact changes may have on your divorce settlement. We also carefully review your marital finances to determine your rights under Florida alimony laws. Weighing the intangible contributions to a marriage can get complex; you need an attorney familiar with valuing intangible contributions to help determine a fair alimony settlement.

If you are the spouse who may be paying alimony, we’re here to support you and protect everything you’ve worked hard to achieve. Divorce can be complicated and emotional; we’re the cool head on your side, focusing on your interests alone. As your attorneys, we give you the information you need and the options available, as well as advice about the potential outcome of different decisions so that you can make the best choices for your future.

Determining Alimony In Florida

Florida recently abolished permanent alimony, although the state still has several options available for a family law judge to award. First, the court must determine whether spousal support is necessary, whether alimony or maintenance. Then, the court must determine whether the other party has the means to pay spousal maintenance or alimony.

Part of your divorce attorney’s job is to build a case supporting your position, whether you are the potential paying spouse or potential recipient. A judge will consider:

  • The standard of living the couple enjoyed during the marriage
  • How long the marriage lasted
  • The physical and emotional condition of each spouse
  • Each spouse’s age
  • Each spouse’s financial resources, including both marital and non-marital assets, and the distribution of debts and liabilities to each
  • Each spouse’s earning potential, considering their education or vocational training and overall employability
  • Whether one spouse needs time to acquire sufficient education or training to secure gainful employment
  • Contributions of each party to the marriage and household, such as stay-at-home parenting or household management, and services rendered in the career-building of the other spouse

Courts strive for equity and justice when determining spousal support; however, many of the considerations for awarding alimony are not black and white. A skilled Brandon alimony lawyer builds your case, using forensic accounting and their depth of experience in contested alimony cases to advance your interests and protect your property rights.

Divorce Is Hard. We’re Here To Help.

If you’re going through a divorce, you don’t have to go alone. The legal team at Olivero Law, P.A., is your support and legal advocate, helping you achieve a fair outcome in questions of alimony so you have the means for a fresh start moving forward. Contact us today for a professional consultation.


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